Moroccan Clay Face and Body soap

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This extraordinary soap is made from the purest clay in the world and is packed with vitamins and minerals that improve the health of your skin dramatically. 


Red Moroccan clay has been known for its beautifying benefits, here are a couple we know you will enjoy. Tightens skin, improves your complexion, evens your skin tone, helps fade acne scars and blemishes, stimulate cell renewal resulting in a fresher appearance preventing premature aging.

Fights acne

The red Morrocan clay is fantastic for those who suffer from acne. By drawing out bacteria, dirt buildup, and removing excess oil, the clay helps not only heal current acne but also prevent future breakouts and reduces the inflammation in your skin that would result in redness.


This soap is designed to revive and improve one's skin. By offering a gentle exfoliation, this soap works perfectly for unclogging clogged pores, removing unwanted dead skin and blackheads. 

Sensitive skin

If you are like many with sensitive skin, you are guaranteed to enjoy this soap, it offers a gentle soft effective cleanse. Great for all skin types

Size: 5oz bar


Water, Glycerin, Red Moroccan clay, Sucrose, Pure essential oil blends, Sodium Stearate, Mango seed butter, Coconut Oil, Theobroma cocoa seed butter (coco) Raw Shea Butter, Citric acid.

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