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Meet the Founder

Carenna Collins

Carenna Collins is the Founder and product creator at Sazorra. 

Carenna's love for creating bath and body products began when she was a young girl. Brought up in a health-conscious Carribean household, Carenna would often watch her mother create the body products the family used such as hair oils, body moisturizers, lip balms and much more. The love for the trade only continued to grow as she reached her teen years to the point where she wanted to share the knowledge and talent she was taught with the world.

Carenna launched her first skincare brand- Cece's Sensations at the end of the year 2016 and then later rebranded it to Sazorra. To Carenna, Sazorra is much more than just a bath & body brand. It is a way for her to reach millions worldwide and share her love for natural, aromatherapy skincare. 

All the products at Sazorra are handmade in small batches using natural ingredients derived from plants, clays, and minerals. Carenna is a firm believer that if the ingredient is too dangerous to eat than it shouldn't go on the skin. With that belief in mind, she is very particular and conscious of what goes into the products and is sure to try each of them out herself.- NO animal testing.




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