Why you should bathe in Himalayan salt


Himalayan salt is mostly mined at the Khewra Salt Mine in Khewra, Jhelum District, Punjab, which is situated in the foothills of the Salt Range hill system in the Punjab province of the Indo-Gangetic Plain.

For centuries people have used salts in their beauty routines, whether as a salt glow or salt soaks. There is just something very appealing after a long and stressful day at work to come home and soak in a warm and soothing bath of salts.

Above all the salts Himalayan salt is esteemed and considered the best, let’s find out why.


Himalayan salt contains lots of minerals that our body needs, and what better way to get those minerals than soaking in your bath with a glass of wine or a good book with soft music playing in the background.

During a process called dermal absorption, our bodies soak up the minerals in the salt including- calcium, copper, iodine, ironmagnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium and zinc.


Detoxify the body

Studies show that women are exposed to more than 168 different toxic chemicals daily, just from the use cosmetic products. That’s a lot of chemicals!

We can work to remove those toxins from our bodies by bathing in Himalayan salts daily. Through a process called Reverse Osmosis, the salt draws out some of those toxic chemicals and impurities from our bodies.


Soothe aches and pain

If you are one of the many who suffers from arthritis, joint pain, a pulled muscle or maybe you just worked out too hard in the gym, you will benefit enormously from a Himalayan bath soak.

Himalayan pink salt is proven to reduce inflammation significantly, allowing the pain and aches to subside, leaving you and your muscles feeling soothed and relaxed.


Having trouble falling asleep?

Do you ever find yourself laying wide awake in your bed wondering why the sleep just won’t come?

Maybe you had an extremely stressful day and your mind is still focused on the hassle at the office.

Climb out of bed and go take a bath in pink Himalayan salt, once you’re done, (if you don’t fall asleep while in the tub) you’re guaranteed to sleep like a baby. The reason being is because the salt has a natural way of enhancing your mood, helping your mind unwind and relax.

By inhaling the steam in your bath the Himalayan can open up your sinuses and relieve you from a stopped up nose, coughing, and even allergies. All those unpleasant symptoms can impede on you getting a good nights rest.

Where to buy Himalayan salt

There are many stores that sell Himalayan salt including Amazon, eBay, and other online venues. However, to purchase it in retail I recommend going to your health food store WholeFoods, EarthFare, etc.

I, however, find it much more enjoyable to just buy Bath Bombs! Not all bath bombs all made with 100% natural ingredients or Himalayan salts so you have to do your research. Bath bombs are much more enjoyable to me because of the soothing essential oils a lot of them contain. It adds to the relaxation mood.


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